Boot RoomExcercise & Diet Advice


Cardio – As well as completing your SkiFitPro programmes I recommend that you complete 3 x 30 minutes (or upwards) of cardio exercise each week.

Level – It goes without saying that you should work within your level of ability and build up your level slowly. For some this may be a fast walk and for others it could be a two hour bike ride.

Intensity – As a rough guide take your age from (220) to get your maximum heart rate and work at up to (80%) of that heart rate. So if you are 30 that would be 220 – 30 = 190 and 80% of 190 = A Target Heart Rate of 152 BPM.

Bike – Road biking and mountain biking are both great for ski fitness and leg endurance. If you have access to this you are on to a winner. Use SkiFitPro to give you the ski specific training and to build the lateral muscles and core.  Try to build in several interval hills or sprints into each ride. Stretch afterwards using the SkiFItPro stretching section video.

Run – Road running, treadmill running and trail running are all good for getting your aerobic system in check. If you have the fitness to add several hills, steps or hill work this will translate well into skiing fitness. Trail running is great for working your lateral muscles a bit more and also for the foot placement (proprioception) skills and mixed gradients.

Gym – If you go to the gym I recommend (x- training) where you use a few varied machines; A programme such as Ten minutes on the x trainer, Five minutes going forwards / Five minutes going backwards with some 30 second crouching intervals, followed by Ten minutes on the Bike on a (random hill programme) and a challenging resistance. Follow this with a Ten minute Random Hill Run on the treadmill or a 2000 Metre row.

Classes – If you like classes they can be great for motivation and for pushing you on. Spin classes, circuits and aerobic classes that include lots of leg bending can be good.

Diet – SkiFITpro recommends a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrate, healthy fats, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. If you can be good for 80% of the time and have what you want 20% of the time I think thats a fair deal.

Eat – Try to eat a portion size that is only what you need and plan your weekly shop in advance; so that you have good meal and healthy snack options ready at hand. If you are trying to loose weight, find out your base metabolic rate and add 300 kcal to give you your daily calorie intake. For example if your be metabolic rate is 1500 kcal then you should take in 1800kcal per day. Estimate of base metabolic rate levels: 8 stone = 1300 / 10 stone = 1500 / 12 stone = 1700 / 14 stone =1900

Hydrate – Drink plenty water each day and try to have healthy snacks between main meals to keep your energy levels high.

Avoid – Fatty process foods such as ready meals, processed meats and cakes! Try to eat a diet that is full of colour! Choose vegetables, fruit, beans, pulses and lean proteins instead of pastry, bread, pies, cakes & sweets.