IntroGetting to know your way around SkiFitPro


SkiFitPro  Has been carefully designed to teach you ski specific skills and ski fitness at home with no equipment. Our exercises will translate into helping you to become a fitter, stronger and better skier.

Training Levels – We have designed SkiFitPro in separate ‘key training’ modules. This allows for greater flexibility to vary and build the training, especially when you are time restricted or need to split the routine.

Progress – Please view the Training Levels Section for guidelines about how to progress the programme over time for your current fitness level.

Tune In – It is important to tune into to the techniques when you are doing the programme. Give it your best and try to complete each exercise or skill in a great ski position.

Fitness Options – We have designed the Develop, Advance and Core Edge sections with 30 second rest periods between each exercise or skill. We have also added an Advanced section for advanced fitness users; where we have reduced the rest period to 15 seconds for the key sections.  The bonus Cone Drill interval training video is for super advanced fitness levels however if you press pause on the video this will allow for as much rest as you need. Simply press play again when you are ready and resume.

Adaptations – You will notice that we have added adaptations for each exercise that flash up during the rest period demonstrating the next exercise and technique. We have also added some of these adaptations into the main footage from time to time. Choose what is right for your fitness level; holding the chair allows for easier balance but you can also crank out more reps. So sometimes it’s good to mix and match!

Rest –The exercises are demanding; so the rest period is deserved but mainly this is to make sure that you have the technical energy and can focus fully on each exercise, position and skill. It is important to enter into each exercise in the driving seat and the rest allows time to get your head into gear, as well as a quick drink of water and stretch.

Prepare – Always complete the prepare section first before completing any of the training sections. Also complete the stretch section at the end of your workout. This will get your body warmed up and mobile and the stretches will help you to recover and to get more flexible.

Achieve – If you can! Try to build your up your fitness so that you can complete the entire programme at your level. If you need to pause the videos for longer rest periods just go ahead. Don’t worry if the advanced sections seem out of reach; work within your own limit. We have the Advanced sections options so that SkiFitPro is adaptable for all ski fitness levels.

Sustainability – Why does SkiFitPro not play music or chat away during the videos? We deliberated for many hours whether to add music and voice! However we realise that everyone likes to workout to their favourite tunes and we can’t suit everyone. We also don’t want you to get bored of the videos. The same music and repetive chat time and time again can do just that! So for that reason we have left the training videos without music so that you can simply play whatever you like.

Top Tips – Keep the volume high on your viewing devise so that you can hear the start and stop SkiFitPro prompts over your music. This is particularly handy for the lying down exercises. If your broadband is weak or you are playing the videos far from your router, you may be better not selecting the HD play option on the video screen.

Build – We recommend that you build up your SkiFitPro fitness slowly. You are best to start by watching through each section completely before you try to do the exercises. If you need to use a chair for balance please do. One of our favourite sayings is practice slowly and you will learn fast!

Guide: You will see that the Skifitpro timer matches the colours of the european ski run grades. The flashing orange and yellow at the end is to represent off piste / itinerary level. If you are finding it tough and need to stop before the timer ends, take a mental note of your grade and next time try to get further. Soon you will be up to black run level and ready for the slopes.

Learn – After you have used the programme a few times you will find yourself in the groove of the rests and work sections. This will allow you to concentrate more on the Ski Technique Prompts and Analysis Screens. Doing this will get you to work harder and it will have a positive impact on your ski technique.

Cardio – We have added some information in The Boot Room section about complementary training that you may want to do. This will help to further improve your cardiovascular fitness and your leg endurance.

Good luck with your training, build up slowly and have great fun on the slopes this year!