On the HillSkiFitPro Ski Training Structure


SkiFitPro – Ski Training Structure & Mantra ©

Before you head to the hill complete the Prepare and Develop sections of the SkiFitPro programme.

Stage one Warm Up: (Warmup & Proprioception)

(Warm up on a short quiet run that you can do quick loops, without letting the body cool down)

Complete four runs of medium radius turns. Be aware of the snow conditions and the feeling through your feet. Let your turns flow and keep your body fairly relaxed.

(Un-clip your skis and have a stretch including, arm swings, spine rotations, mini squats, leg stretches)

Stage two SkiFITpro Mantra Training

Stance – Vision – Poles – Power – Edge 

(Choose a slightly longer groomed flat run that is within your comfort zone, I don’t want you to be tested just yet)

Complete one full flowing run for each mantra prompt

Stance: Practice and nice upright tall and central position on your skis, avoid excessive hip bending.

Vision: Practice keeping your head up and looking ahead to where you want to make your next three turns.

Poles: Poles set the rhythm of your turns and become important when skiing steep, challenging or advanced terrain such as moguls, black runs and off piste. Practice keeping your arms out front and complete one gentle tap with the pole to initiate each new turn. Try to pole plant from below the elbow not using your upper arm and shoulder.

Power: Keeping the previous three mantra points on board, complete one run where you practice keeping a strong upright tight core.

Edge: So we have worked on stance, vision, poles and power, lets now focus on holding each turn on the edge. Feel the bite, power and the natural radius of the ski.

Stage three – Turns and terrain training

Short Radius: Choose a nice quiet slope and bring all of your mantra training (on board) Complete three 150m / 300m sections (15 to 30 turns) Short radius turns are where you keep your torso facing down the fall line and you bite in the edges to quickly switch from turn to turn. Complete three sections of short radius turns, this should be possible during one run.

Medium Radius: Medium radius is where skiers spend most of the time. These turns are useful for keeping your speed under control; especially when the slopes are busy or you are cruising. Complete one whole run practicing nice flowing medium radius turns, controlling your speed and working on your mantra points.

Long Radius: This is when the fun begins, choose a slope where you have room to explore long radius turns, without taking out other skiers! Practice holding the inside edge of the downhill ski, locking your core and keep your vision up to where you want to go. Feel the exhilaration of the power going through the skis and feel the skis do the job to create the arc through the turns.

Mix it up: It is now time to choose a slope that you will be able to use all of the turn radius types plus all of the mantra points. Stop when you get tired and attack the next section.

(Time for a well deserved short break, a drink of water and a banana!)

Your training is done for the day! Go and enjoy the scenery and explore the terrain safely.