Get Fit!

No seriously you need to…

The best way to turn a good skier into a great skier is to get them fit, strong & snappy.

Watching an older skier who has skied for 30 years is often inspiring. However if you arm’ this 30 years of experience with the recaptured snap , flow and strength of a younger body and you are now on to something.

As a ski fitness trainer with 20,000 hours of experience working with clients, I can personally assure you that this is the way forward.

Ok there are some caveats’ the old knee injury or sore hips.  However knees, hips and backs can mostly be strengthened with professional programming and guidance.

So don’t settle into the old dog with canny technique mode, recapture your snap and get back in great shape.

When you are fit and strong you can bend and work your skis to the max during turns, taking the whole experience to the next level. This can often eignite the excitement and passion that you had as a young gun!

Go for it, no more excuses.

“Oh but these new skis virtually turn for you!” Well they are definitely easier to turn and are way more forgiving but skis are still designed to be tested, powered and driven. Try it; seriously it changes everything! Once again you will be exited and out of breath at the bottom of the run. Now thats skiing…



SkiFITpro – Former World Cup Level Skier